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Working with us means


Work in a community of tech evangelists and enthusiasts


Develop your knowledge and skills in an ecologic and none-bureaucratic environment


Experience performance driven culture


Be sure that your company supports you professionally and personally


Browse vacancies

P2H is more than just a job

Be free in your professional endeavours

We are looking for people passionate about what they do and ready to accept new challenges. A minimum of management hierarchy and maximum of opportunities for self-organization.

We truly believe both success and mistakes along the way help us growing so every team member has the right for both.spending a lot of time and money seeking out the right person to handle the job.


Use full scale Remote First benefits

P2H has adopted the Remote First format. Visiting offices is voluntarily yet the company helps you finding the office space should you need it. P2H is constantly opening new offices around the world to support community development.


Get full support of your professional growth

At P2H we have individual plans for professional development, regular performance reviews and knowledge-sharing culture that helps everyone to grow professionally. Multi-stack approach gives everyone an opportunity to explore new ways of growth and implement new knowledge. Moreover we strongly encourage people to do so.

Our values help us to put a flat organizational structure in motion

Be unwilling to do a poor job

Show initiative and take responsibility

Openly accept challenges and encourage changes

Own your right to make mistakes

We enable tectonic changes in whole countries and societies


Career opportunities

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